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At Green Lifespan Health & Wellness, we aim to provide quality and comprehensive health and wellness services in order to help all of our clients reach an overall state of well-being in both body and mind. We invite you to open your heart and mind to the exciting prospects and possibilities that we have in store for you.

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Kettlebell Workout

Wellness Services

Healthy Living

Healthy Living starts with you, and we are here to help! We offer mobile Wellness services and will come to you to design a wellness program that will fit your busy lifestyle! It all starts here!

Green Goodness

Healthy Food Options

Health Begins Here

At Green Lifespan, we understand what it takes to reach ultimate health, and it starts with healthy food choices. Select from a variety of healthy food packages

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First Aid / CPR /AED Certification (American Red Cross)

Receive certification to learn life saving skills to benefit family, friends and loved ones.

Receive certification for First Aid / CPR & AED to satisfy employer and Healthcare Provider requirements. Services also for those interested in learning life-saving techniques. We also have basic First Aid services for children to equip them with the confidence and knowledge needed in an emergency.


Personal Health & Wellness Counseling Services

One-on-one Counseling (wellness)


Family Health and Wellness Coaching

Wellness Seminars

Wellness & Nutrition Education Workshops

It is very important to talk to someone, especially an expert in Wellness, about your health and receive the personal attention you deserve to focus on your overall wellness. The way a person feels affects their attitude and their daily productivity at work or anywhere. Also, the amount of time that we dedicate to our work gives us limited time to focus on Wellness. That is where we come in to help to design a plan that is easy to follow, to help with overall wellness, to increase productivity and improve morale. 

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Classes We Offer

Green Lifespan Health & Wellness aims to help all of our clients learn life saving skills that they can carry with them for life. We offer the following classes:

Classes start November 16, 2018

Adult & Pediatric First Aid - $70
Pediatric First Aid / CPR / AED - $90
Adult First Aid / CPR / AED - $90
Adult and Pediatric First Aid /CPR / AED -$110
Pediatric CPR / AED - $70
Adult CPR / AED - $70
First Aid - $70


Healthy Fresh meals

Looking for healthy fresh meals that are quick and easy to accommodate your busy schedule? Click on one of the links below to choose healthy shopping assistance with Green Lifespan, or choose ready made meals prepared from Freshly, or Hello Fresh!

More options to come...in progress

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Additional food options are on the way...!

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       Health Specialist

Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith is our Health Specialist and one of our most popular team members, well respected by our staff and clients alike. Veronica Smith is passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle — attitudes we value greatly at Green Lifespan Health & Wellness.

About Us

Founded in Pasadena in 2009, we believe in living a life full of joy, gratitude, and good health. These feelings inform and guide our core teachings, treatments, services and practices at Green Lifespan Health & Wellness, as we focus on helping clients improve their level of health and fitness. We offer a variety of services to help all of our clients achieve healthier bodies and minds. Explore our site to learn more about us and what we can do for your health.


"Our life is what our thoughts make it"

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